Three Contacts Every House Flipper Needs

Flipping houses has become incredibly popular there is half a dozen or more reality programs geared around house flipping and these shows have huge audiences.  It can be a very lucrative business opportunity if it is done right.  You basically take an old rundown house, renovate it and sell it at a substantial profit.  But if you want to make your house flipping business profitable then there are some people you want to connect with early.  Here are three contacts every house flipper needs to know.

  1. A Good Contractor

A good contractor is worth their weight in gold, not only will they be the ones who can fix your flip but your contractor can also tell you whether or not the building is sound.  The contractor can help you decide which renovations will make you money and which are vanity projects.  You need a good contractor who not only works at a fair price but works quickly, carrying costs add up quickly.

  1. A Good Real Estate Agent

While you can sell your house yourself having a good relationship with a real estate agent is definitely in your best interest.  Not only can they take the burden of selling the house off your hands but they have great connections when you are looking for your next flip.  You need to find someone that you can trust, if you’re going to be flipping several houses a year that can mean a significant commission for them.  Find a realtor who will help you grow your business and their own at the same time.

  1. A Good Interior Designer

There are a couple of reasons that you want a good interior designer in your contact list.  Flipping a basic three bedroom bungalow is fairly easy but if you want to get into flipping high end homes then an interior designer is your best friend.  They can help you find the features that buyers want in a house.  When it comes time to stage your home for an open house they can help you appeal to the widest variety of buyers.  You want someone that you feel comfortable with and their tastes align with yours when it comes to design.

House flipping is highly lucrative but only if you have the right people around you. These are some of the most important contacts that can help you make money when it comes to flipping for profit.